Epimetheus - A moon of Saturn.


Sol is the name of our Sun and all the stuff directly affected by our sun is considered our Solar System. Here is a list of what we have so far in order of distance from the sun:

  Name Distance (AU) Year Day Diameter (km)
☉ Sol (our Sun) N/A N/A 25-36 Days 1,390,000
☿ Mercury 0.39 88 Days 58.6 Days 4,880
♀ Venus 0.72 224 Days 243 Days 12,103
⊕ Earth 1.00 365.25 Days 24 Hours 12,756
♂ Mars 1.52 687 Days 24.6 Hours 6,794
Asteroids 2-4 N/A N/A N/A
♃ Jupiter 5.20 11.86 Years 9.9 Hours 142,800
♄ Saturn 9.53 29.5 Years 10.2 Hours 120,536
♅ Uranus 19.19 84 Years 17.2 Hours 51,120
♆ Neptune 30.06 165 Years 16 Hours 59,528
  Kuiper Belt 30 - 55 N/A N/A N/A
Ort Cloud 50,000+ N/A N/A N/A
Other Objects N/A N/A N/A N/A

Gas, Dust, & Ice

Early Solar SystemOur all this was created from a nebula of gas, dust, and ice. Some of it started to clump together because of gravity and the larger pieces gathered more stuff until it was all a swirling disc of mass called a planetary nebula. Enough gathered up at the center of this disc and crushed under its own weight to the point that fusion began. That's when our sun burst into flame.

All that fire and fusion in the sun sent out a solar wind that blew away most of the smallest objects in the disc leaving behind many of the large ones which we now call planets, moons, asteroids and other bodies.

The sun has a ring like jupiter, we call it the asteroid belt. All the planets closer than this belt we call the Inner Planets and all the planets farther than this belt we call the Outer Planets (clever scientists).

Now for all the other stuff the sun blew away with its solar wind. Almost all of it is contained in the Kuiper Belt and The Ort Cloud. Think of the Ort Cloud as a ball with the solar system inside. This ball is made up of mostly gas, ice, & dust and is slowly moving away from the sun (that solar wind again). The kuiper belt is similar in composition to the Ort Cloud and resides between Neptune and Pluto.

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