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RheaRhea was a Greek Titan, daughter of Uranus and Gaia and known as the mother of the gods. Discovered in 1672, Dione was one of four moons discovered by Cassini (Dione, Iapetus & Tethys).

Made of more than two thirds ice and though the rest would be rock Rhea does not have a definite core. The interior is a somewhat homogeneous mixture of rock and ice with the ice nearer the core compressed.

It also appears that Rhea has 3 small rings and is the first moon we've discovered with such a feature.

Rhea's surface is covered with craters and other features with varying reflectiveness. It's very much like a larger and less dense Dione. The moon is also tide locked with the same side facing Saturn. As a result the trailing side is different from the leading side.

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