Venus Venus

Venus CloudsIt has been said that Women are from this brilliant planet. It shines brighter than all the stars and planets. Venus gets its name from Venus, the Roman goddess of love. Here are some cool facts about this lovely planet:

  • The hottest surface of any body in the Solar System, hot enough to melt Tin, Zinc and Lead.
  • The planet is completly covered in clouds
  • The days go backward and are eight months long.
  • Most of the surface features on Venus are named for female figures.
Distance from Sun:
Aphelion: 108,942,109 km (0.728 AU)
Perehelion: 107,476,259 km (0.718 AU)
Volume: 9.38x1011 km3
Diameter: 12,103.6 km
Mass: 4.869x1024 kg
Year: 224.7 E Days
Day: 243 E Days
Gravity: 0.9 of Earth's
Temperature: -460°C

The pressure of Venus' atmosphere at the surface is 90 atmospheres (about the same as the pressure at a depth of 1 km in Earth's oceans). It is composed mostly of carbon dioxide. There are several layers of clouds many kilometers thick composed of sulfuric acid. These clouds completely obscure our view of the surface. The dense atmosphere produces a inescapable greenhouse effect that raises Venus' surface temperature by about 400 degrees to over 740K. Venus' surface is actually hotter than Mercury's even though it's twice as far from the Sun.

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